The Cambridge Hotel Play


Sunday 17 September
w/ Boudicca, Sleeping Døgs
The Cambridge
789 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW
Doors: 8PM

welcome! thought it was time the booth had a show and why not make an evening of it with friends and many more to come (ie YOU?). this is an 18+ event, doors are at 8pm and it's totally free which is extra great, hope to see you there xx 

shysters ~ bunch of lovely fellos screaming their hearts out whilst providing chaotic yet melodic tunes - 

George Booth ~ 90s screamo revival quadruplet that doesn't really play many shows - 

Sleeping Døgs ~ cool spoken word emo coming all the way from Canberra making their Newcastle venue debut -

BOUDICCA ~ emerging radical hardcore punk band featuring members from other radical hardcore punk bands -

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