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The Chris Cornell Concept

Friday 7 October
The Cambridge
789 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW
Doors: 7.30pm
Price: $20 +BF
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"THE CHRIS CORNELL CONCEPT - a homage to the power and beauty of CHRIS CORNELL with burning renditions of the best of Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of The Dog and Cornell’s solo catalogue. ‘TCCC’ humbly accept that replacing CHRIS CORNELL is impossible but - being fans themselves - acknowledge the deep desire of many to hear his creations live and in full flight. While some avoid the term ‘tribute’ the CHRIS CORNELL CONCEPT embraces the idea, especially in the sombre light of the passing of this great and important artist. What else could it be, right? Well…it turns out it can be a little more. It can be faithful recreations OR it can be faithful recreations with power and sincerity. It can display safe technical excellence OR sheer technical brilliance. The difference may seem subtle but it is the difference. The CHRIS CORNELL CONCEPT is different. The Chris Cornell Concept is based in Newcastle, Australia, and combines the skill and talents of 5 friends that were young but very active artists when the Seattle Sound broke. Not only was the course of popular music forever changed, but also how these 5 young men viewed and created their own art from that point on. From that influence comes the high regard and deep respect required to do this thing right. The mission: show respect. The vision: with respect. This is the CHRIS CORNELL CONCEPT." KANE STARKEY vocals LEE ROLFE guitar ROSS FLYNN guitar PAOLO DI PIETRO drums JUSTIN NGARIKI bass 

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