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Saturday 3 March
w/ Tired Minds and Deadtown Nothings
The Cambridge
789 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW
Doors: 8pm
Price: $10 + BF
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TOTALLY UNICORN w/ Tired Minds and Deadtown Nothings.


TOTALLY UNICORN was born out of the death of surly tech metal dudes 'Hospital the Musical' in early 2010; and with a mashed up combination of members from HTM and fellow coastal-dwellers, 'Ohana', TU rose out of the ashes of dust and shit like a morbidly obese and terrifyingly hungover Phoenix - it wasn't pretty, and it still isn't...

The first twelve months were spent finding their new sound and writing 25 minutes of music they were happy to share with the world. Technically capable but with increasingly high standards, the boys trudged along slowly until releasing their debut EP 'Horse Hugger' that year - an ode to the drug-induced euphoric nights and mornings of a life passed.

Touring relentlessly over the following 3 years, TU released splits with Robotosaurus, Gay Paris & God God Dammit Dammit and became known for their highly energetic and unpredictable live shows; which often feature partial or complete nudity, jumping off the stage or other raised platforms, and interacting with individual audience members. The band's live reputation - coupled with an inability to be pigeonholed into any one specific genre - has brought to them several high-profile tours and support slots including La Dispute, Kvelertak, Tonight Alive, The Chariot, Good Riddance, Frenzal Rhomb, A Wilhelm Scream, The Flatliners, Rolo Tomassi, and Norma Jean.

Things were on the up and up for Totally Unicorn but due to illness, breakups and loss between members and their families, the conclusion of 2013 saw a halt to proceedings. Some returned home to mend. Others forged onwards with other musical endeavours. But no matter where they were or what they were doing, something important was brooding.

The following two years were slow externally, but productive from within. Having almost ceased touring completely, Totally Unicorn went into a hibernation, writing more than 30 song skeletons of angst and anxiety-driven, booze and medication-fueled power-hits. After extensive pre-production, and a continual rewriting and re-working process in the studio and at home, just 10 songs remained - each one of them greater than the last. The band entered the studio for a fourth and final time in late 2015, laying down the final touches. The result for Totally Unicorn is an arrival; the album, an epiphany. Totally Unicorn have found their sound, and themselves.

'Dream Life' is certainly a collaboration between a few (Karina Utamo of 'High Tension' [CONVICT BRICK], Robert Smith of 'Heavy Heavy Low Low' [PART TIME MODEL], Tim Carr [producer], Tim McMahon [former member]), but largely it is private and etherial. It is art through catharsis. Growth through adversity. A rising out of the ashes: And yeah, it's another MOTHERFUCKING phoenix!

Having just signed with 'Farmer & The Owl'; released their first critically acclaimed single & video clip off the album, 'Customer Service Station'; and about to embark on their first tour in two years, 2016 is about to get rowdy - and the boys couldn't be any more fucking ready.

It's six years later and nothing has changed: They're still hungover, still overweight, and still ready to party. You just gotta remember to bring the booze...

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