The Cambridge Hotel Play


Friday 3 May
The Cambridge
789 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW
Doors: 8PM
Price: $40 + BF
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From You Am I:



Our band desired to play a tribute to one of Britain’s loudest, for no other reason than blind devotion.

Since the shows last year, we have individually and collectively shouted at from many a window “When ya gunna do Tap again”?. Often accompanied by thrown animal bones.

That answer has unsheathed itself unto us.

Our life as a band has only become Tapper, and we wanna get Spinal and primal with y’all. With apologies again to our friends in Perth, who’s shows were nitched due to circumstances beyond our control, it’s time again to align your chakras and smell the glove.

Our eternal thanks to Harry Shearer and Michael McKean for their benevolent, byzantine blessings.

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